Half-Marathon Ahoy!

It's time to get ready for a year filled with Adventure! Three of my coworkers (all experienced runners) were talking about running a half-marathon together this year, and I jumped on the bandwagon. My birthday is next month; with the big three-oh staring me in the face, it seems like a good year to get into shape. I started tracking my workout regimen here and then today opened a new Twitter account to keep it up.

1/26: Pulled Natalie on sled for 24 minutes. We went down the road a bit, up and down the driveway a few times, and all over the yard through knee-deep snow. Followed tracks to a rabbit burrow under our stick pile! We went back inside after she fell off the second time.

1/27: 30 minutes of Yoga stretching and sitting meditation.

1/28: 40 minute 30/30 run through the bluffs. 10 minute warm-up walk, 15 minutes of walking/jogging, and 15 minutes walk back home. My goal was a 30 minute workout; I underestimated the return trip and went too far! 2.4 miles, 24°

1/29: I checked out The Beginning Runner's Handbook from the library, and learned that I should be taking a Rest Day between exercise days. Still, I carried Natalie on a slow 26 minute walk to the Nature Preserve Trailhead. Tomorrow, I'll officially begin the 13-week training program and logging my progress here. 10k in May!

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