Natalie's 3rd Birthday Party

Natalie turned three years old this weekend! All her cousins came over! She flipped out! It was a very exciting time for all the kids. I inflated maybe two dozen balloons and she helped me "throw" them up to the ceiling. Jenna went all out on decorations for the party. The theme was Fairy Garden.

"What was your favorite thing today?" I asked Natalie when it was all over. "CAKE!" she said. Her auntie Holly made this incredible cake with a Rice Crispy Treat base layer and fondant toppings. There was far too much food for everyone! This morning I am taking about 85% of this cake into work with me and I will be eating leftovers all week.

Rare photo of dancing in a magickal faerie ring.

All the girls got nets and played butterfly-catching game. Uncle Kevin and I tossed paper cutouts from the second story bedroom windows and the fluttered down to earth. I was impressed that Natalie was coordinated enough to nab several of these. This is when the kids started breaking down. It was time for everyone to take a nap (I slept for two and a half hours).

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