Chicken Run

Our chicks are now five weeks old. Last week they outgrew the bigger box that I moved them into after they outgrew their first box. One day while I was at work they all escaped and pooped all over our garage. That night I gathered them up (not too difficult since they were perched directly underneath the table) and Jenna held them while I clipped their flight feathers.

I was nervous about moving them into our newly-fenced chicken run because I was not sure how Prinny, the last surviving hen, would react to them. Ever since her friends were killed she has been mopey and broody and never leaves her nesting box. She pecked at the chicks for a bit but after a weekend together they are BFFs. Prinny even returned to her roost for the first time since the murders. I am hopeful she will start laying again.

I'm glad I built a fence though. Sure enough that bad dog was standing outside today, staring in at my tasty birds and licking its chops. We think we found where it lives and we are trying to decide an appropriate response. I am advocating the Old Yeller solution but Jenna is opposed for some reason. Go figure.

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