Turning three

We have been preparing Natalie for several weeks for the idea that three-year-olds do not use pacifiers (or "fuddits," as she calls them). After everyone had gone home we packed them all in a box, put the box in the stroller she was pushing, and formed a procession down the driveway. She put the box in the mailbox for "all the kids." So, we will see how that goes.

Like the seasons in Minnesota, developments with Natalie are less often gradual transitions, and usually dramatic overnight changes. The day after her party I asked if she wanted to go up by herself for the children's message at church. She has always insisted that I accompany her, with tears if necessary. But this time she just traipsed up by herself like it was no big deal.

Of course Sunday was also Father's Day so I was reflecting on my three years of fatherhood. Natalie is the star of my life. This is the year we double down and add a co-star to the cast of our family and won't that be a trip. All I know is if I can come home from work in a few years and have two little girls shouting "daddy!" and running into my arms... I will be a very happy man.

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