Garage Sale Report

Good pickings at the St. Louis Park neighborhood sales yesterday. We got all but three of these books from one family. Average cost: fifteen cents. (Lately I've become kind of obsessed with the idea of covering one of our bedroom walls with bookshelves. Floor to ceiling, complete with a rolling ladder. Like living in a library! Now it's my goal to acquire enough books to make this a necessity.)

Quercetti Rami the binary teacher. That's right fellow nerds, I got a toy that teaches the binary system, and it only cost me fifty cents. What I love best is that it's all levers and pushbuttons, totally mechanical, except for the analog three-minute timer. This is a gem of a find.

Yakima Grasshopper child carrier, barely used. Riding along on hikes is Natalie's new favorite activity. We went once Saturday, again on Sunday morning by request, and by afternoon she was ready for more. During our first hike in the woods we had so much fun that she told me, "I never want to go home, daddy."

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