Around the Farm

Natalie doing a magic show for the chickens. The young birds are very playful with each other and easily eat out of my hand, but they did not appreciate how she was swinging her wand. After the first swat, they all hid under the coop.

Peppers. I picked out a mixture of differently-colored bell peppers and chili peppers. Gonna make some salsa! If the tomato plants survive!

I am pretty sure that these must be cucumber plants. They're growing nicely. It's been hit-and-miss with the other plants. Next year these beds should do better; now they're mostly black dirt.

Natalie's cherry tree is fruiting! I did not know if this would happen in the first year or with no tree nearby to cross-pollinate. This reminds me it is time to pick out another tree for our second child.

I've eaten three homegrown strawberries so far and each one is a little flavor grenade. Soooo delicious. The trick is to get them before the local wildlife does!

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