Swimming Lessons

"I did it!!!"

Three magical words coming from a three-year-old girl. One thing I never understood about parenthood was how people get so wrapped up in their childrens' accomplishments. Now I get it. The vicarious thrill of watching my progeny, wide-eyed and ecstatic, as she masters a new skill. There's nothing in the world quite like it.

Natalie began swimming lessons at the Community Center last week. After two classes, she is beginning to feel comfortable in the water. Walking in up to her neck, floating with her head on my shoulder and "swimming" while I carry her in a football hold, jumping into the pool, blowing bubbles underwater. Yelling with pure amazement after each fresh accomplishment.

I'm proud of her. Not only because learning to enjoy playing in the water and being splashed and even getting dunked now and then is a good thing for Natalie; but also because I hate doing all of those things. It is especially satisfying to watch her overcome one of my personal weaknesses. I am even making some progress in this department myself.

Next step: teaching myself to swim at the lake over 4th of July weekend. If only someone could tuck me in a football hold while I learn the strokes! But the next best thing would be having Natalie nearby to cheer me on. I know she can fully appreciate when I smile and say, "I did it!"

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Marysue said...

What a happy post! I'm so excited that Natalie is learning to love being in the water; and so is her daddy, after all these years! One of the blessings of being a parent is that children help us to grow like nothing else in life can do.