Animal crossing

We've gone from spring, with its evidence of animals passing--deer tracks in mud, rabbit trails, trees felled by beavers--to a summer surrounded by actual wildlife. We've always heard turkeys in the woods and suddenly one flew across the road right overhead! Last year our garden was nibbled by unseen deer but this year I'm actually encountering them on my morning runs! And my mother-in-law had an even closer encounter with her car yesterday :(

The captive caterpillars in our garage have begun to spin cocoons (two so far). Our backyard is full of fireflies at night and the forest margin twinkles like a Christmas light display. The wasps were successfully exterminated back in April, in case you were wondering, and now we're just dealing with the usual ants... and this little tree frog who somehow got into our bedroom!

I try to share everything with Natalie and pass along our excitement with animal sightings. "Look, a bunny," I'll point out, or pick up toads and bugs for her to pet and examine. On our walk the other day we found two frogs so tiny--about a centimeter long--that I thought they were bugs at first. Or I overturn a rock in our garden and we watch the ant colony beneath as they scramble to relocate their exposed eggs. "Int'resting," Natalie concludes as she walks away.

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