Around the Farm

Saturday was my cousin's wedding, so half the weekend was shot, from a gardening perspective. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day to work on my blisters. I hauled dirt up hill all morning to fill the raised beds we built earlier. Jenna mixed in fertilizer and manure and we planted a bunch of new vegetables plus the shoots from our strawberry and raspberry garden. Then we had two days of record heat that scorched everything to a crisp.

Jenna planted a garden near our front door with donations from her mom's yard. Big improvement over the dirt and weeds we used to have there. Those are just weeds in the path in the foreground; need more mulch.

Wedding Candles bearded iris. These flowers were a wedding gift to us from my mom, and we transplanted them when we moved. So happy to see them blooming again in the new location!

I put up a trellis for our raspberry plants and thinned out the strawberries. We're breaking up this garden to become the playground area, but not until we harvest all the fruit!

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