Around the Farm

Orchid Lights Azalea in bloom. The cherry blossoms have already fallen--that early harbinger of spring--but everything else is now budding and flowering. The mystery (crabapple?) trees in the front yard are in full color. The branch tips on our evergreens are speckled with tiny cones. The Earth is fertile and vibrant.

Wild Columbine transplanted into our garden. We have discovered several of these around the yard: by the chicken coop, around the outskirts of the forest. Jenna is making some major landscaping efforts but most of the plants come from her mother's extensive gardens. This one came with the house.

Wild Iris by the barn. Our neighbors (who owned our house a few decades ago) used to have a garden back here before it got covered in weeds and fallen trees. I was surprised to see these beauties poking up amongst the dandelions!

We hauled some yard garbage down to the curb for our annual Carver Pickup Day. It barely made a dent in the giant piles of junk at the top of the hill. Baby steps! This area actually looks much better already.

I built these raised boxes (from a kit) for transplanting our berries and flowers. We are going to clear out the current vegetable garden area and move the playground over there to open up more space. Our yard is starting to look like people actually care about it again!

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