Blue Jays 9, Twins 3

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After this morning's 10K, Jenna and I left Natalie at home with grandma and drove to Minneapolis for our first Twins game of the year. The weather had taken a turn for the wet but the rain temporarily let up when we arrived. Alas, it was not to last.

The first inning was merely cold but then the rain started and we were both wet and chilly. I had a good time anyway while we were there; our seat neighbor shared his cover for our legs, and I tracked down a cup of coffee. There was some exciting baseball in the first couple of innings. Both teams scored points and the Blue Jays immediately started trying--and sometimes succeeding--to steal bases, as I had learned to expect. After six innings, Jenna had enough, and we left with the Twins leading 3-2 (a lead that would crumble catastrophically in the 11th inning).

We drove to Panera for their awesome broccoli cheddar soup and a cup of hot chocolate. Just the thing to warm us up again. Then across the street to Surdyk's for free samples and to replenish my beer and gin supply. Then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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