SpringCon 2011

I manned a booth at SpringCon this weekend and got to play professional comic artist for a day. I was sandwiched between two creators whom I respect and admire, and worried that I would stand out as a fraud, but everyone was awesome and quite a lot of artists actually knew me already from organizing MIX. I even sold a few books (total weekend earnings: $23)! Overall fun times and check another line off my bucket list.

It was educational to experience a show from the other side of the table and get the artist perspective. Much more relaxing. A few people described it as "boring," by comparison. I think it will make me a better organizer. Ironically, I picked this time to tell Sarah that I am quitting MIX. With a baby on the way, etc., I don't want to commit unless I can follow through.

Conversely, trawling my Bob the Golfer back catalog and compiling strips into books and drawing fresh cover art has reignited my nascent interest in making comics. I made an issue of little funny last year and I'm considering doing more submissions in the future. Maybe I'll become a real artist after all!

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