It's a girl!

Jenna had an ultrasound today and confirmed that she is pregnant with a healthy baby girl! That's great news for us because two daughters have been scientifically proven* to be the best possible combination of children. I love having a daughter so two must be twice as great, right? Double the fun? As long as we quit while we're ahead, we have it made.

Natalie was excited to be there until she realized that she wasn't going to see an actual baby, only vague shapes and outlines. At the end she asked when we were going to "take the baby out." I had tried to downplay the ultrasound so she wouldn't be disappointed but Jenna and I were both really into it and Natalie could sense the anticipation. So, I can certainly understand why she decided it would be more fun to repeatedly wash her hands than to stay in the room.

Ultrasound images are pretty weird, after all. I could interpret the images a lot better the second time around and we noticed the girl parts before the tech confirmed them. But when you see them for the first time, if you see anything resembling a human, you see a skull. Which makes you think maybe you will have a terrifying skeleton baby. Which seems kind of awesome, but probably would not be so awesome for the skeleton child as it grew up.

Anyway, a girl, hooray! And the tech said that she does have skin and organs and stuff, so that's comforting.

*by "a study," don't ask questions

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Kimberly said...

HI Andy, Congratulations! I think girls are the way to go. :) I am working on starting up my own bead biz and you guys are a great inspiration!