Craftstravaganza 2011 after-action report

Put on a bird on it, we're done! The 2011 Craftstravaganza was a success. Despite (or perhaps because of) moderate temperatures and rain throughout most of the day, we welcomed about 3,000 shoppers through the doors. Our vendors had fun and there were very few emergencies.

Media appearances
I appeared on Fox 9 morning news with MA Rosko again. Somehow we have wrangled TV coverage every year so far. You can watch us here.

We had good giveaways this year. There was a line out the door again this year before we opened. All the swag bags were gone by 9.

Youngest attendee: 5 days old
One of our vendors brought her newborn baby for part of the day. This is almost certainly the youngest person who has ever come to the Craftstravaganza. Our little one went home with auntie for most of the day, which was a big help.

This year's success: new vendors
Nearly half our vendors had never participated in a Craftstravaganza before this year. It was exciting to get an infusion of fresh talent and a variety of different crafts. The energy level was very high both during and leading up to the show. Everyone I spoke with afterward told me they had a great time.

This year's disaster: baby in car
Another reason to be glad of the cooler weather: an infant became trapped in a locked car across the street from our building. State Fair Police arrived at the scene quickly, then an ambulance (just to be safe), then a locksmith who opened the door. We've had medical emergencies in the past, but no deaths yet (knock wood).

Trend: wellies
Colorful rain boots were the hot accessory this year. Probably because it was raining until about 3:30.

Celebrity sighting: Christopher Straub
OK, so he has been one of our vendors for most of the years of the show. But it's still cool that he would show up to support his fellow artists after hitting the big time.

I didn't buy as much this year as I usually do. I had trouble shifting over from management to shopping mode. But look, I did add some possessions to my treasure horde: an appropriate piece of shower art (above), a Tank Girl poster from Lonny Unitus, a secret Mother's Day card, and some soaps. Jenna got garden art, jewelry, yarn, and a diaper cover.

The morning after the show, I backed over my nice hand-lettered sign that I spent so much time on two years ago. Oh well! Sorry about the scattered post. I'm still trying to unscramble my brains. More photos of the show are on Flickr.

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The Goodfellas said...

you guys pull off such an amazing feat. hats off to you!