Potty mouth

WARNING: This post is about matters of toilet. If you're not in the mood for stories about potty training a toddler, go here instead. Actually, do that in any case, you'll thank me. Seriously, this gets a little gross.

It's potty training time with Natalie! The process has not been as traumatic as I feared. In fact the only remarkable thing about it has been how quickly Natalie took to using the toilet and ditching diapers. Fortunately, although it hasn't been difficult, it has been funny.

We started Natalie on the little plastic potty chair, but she was eager to graduate to the big toilet and now that is her preference. She was not even fazed by the time that she fell in. We just dried her off and tried again. The books also say that kids can be traumatized by flushing things that came out of their own bodies, but nope, she loves to pull the trigger. "Bye bye poops!"

Natalie coined some new vocabulary words too. "Butterfly poops" are the little ones that follow the initial payload. And if we use the toilet while she is on the potty chair, that's a "teamwork pee" (thanks Wonder Pets). Feel free to use that next time you have a neighbor at the urinals.

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