Daddy Drinks: Craft'zapolitan

Sugatrain Cocktails 3 18122010 - Version 2, originally uploaded by Dave Mulder
There's no after-party for the Craftstravaganza--when we close our doors, artists scatter to the four winds and us old folks just want to go home and rest--but if there was one, this would be the official party drink. Anyway, it's what I'm having tonight!

Want to enjoy a Craft'zapolitan with me? Here's how to make one:
  1. Pour vodka into a jar with some strawberries a few weeks ago and put it into the fridge. 
  2. Forget about the jar. 
  3. Find it and decide to make a cocktail! 
  4. In a shaker with ice, add: 
    1. 2 oz strawberry-infused vodka 
    2. 1 oz Cointreau 
    3. 1/2 oz lime juice 
  5. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. 
  6. Enjoy your hand-made drink, ideally while soaking in a nice hot bath.
See you at the Craft'za!

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