Free Comic Book Day

I don't get into the city as much as I used to, so I try to maximize every trip. Today Natalie and I drove to Minneapolis. First we stopped in at the Ballentine VFW for the HandmadeMN Spring Market. I handed out the last of our posters and flyers to Craftstravaganza vendors. Some are new this year, and we had never met in real life, so I got to see their art for the first time.

Next, I wanted to take Natalie to Rusty Quarters, but the posted hours said that they didn't open until noon on Saturday. So we went next door to Jackson's Coffee and Gelato for a healthy lunch of... coffee and gelato. Natalie got a kid's cone with black chocolate and I had the tiramisu flavor (we also shared a blueberry muffin). Then it was 12:15 but the arcade was still locked up! Sad face.

Luckily we were not disappointed by our visit to Big Brain Comics. We grabbed a bunch of free books and Natalie read them in the car. I could tell she was having fun downtown because she kept saying, "I love you daddy," but on the way home she was so enraptured by her new comics that she was totally quiet for the entire drive. Imagine how much more she'll enjoy books once she actually learns to read!

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