Capsule Wardrobe

I didn't have a healthy relationship with clothing until relatively late in life. 2013, the year I turned 32, was the first time I felt confident in my selection of grown-up clothes (my wardrobe before then--especially my college years--is a whole other post). In 2014 I congratulated myself for filling my closet with thrift shop finds. Last year I got more picky about what I brought home and purchased a few high-end new items. This year it's time to do some serious editing. 

A few recent developments have inspired me to curate a minimalist wardrobe. Jenna and I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and we began to seriously tackle household clutter together. We've done this before, and clean house regularly, but found fresh inspiration and great results with the patented KonMari method and her enchanted question, "does it spark joy?"

Years of research and experimentation have honed my personal style. I have developed strict, solid guidelines for adding new pieces (or more often, not). New clothes go on a wishlist where I can take my time deciding if they're truly essential, then buy only when they go on sale. I still love thrift shopping but I'm taking home fewer, higher-quality things. I can shop a lot faster now, too!

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