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Get Rid of 2009 Things in 2009. That's my family's joint resolution this year. I don't think we own a crazy amount of stuff. Still, I'd wager we can find a couple thousand things that we don't need any more, just taking up space in our house.

It was my wife's idea. Obviously, I was immediately on board with the whole thing. Of course throwing things away (or donating or gifting them) is only half of the clutter equation. it does no good to toss two thousand things out of our house, if we turn around and put in four thousand new things.

To get a true concept of what's going out, we also need to track everything coming in. A balance sheet for the home, if you will. I don't know if we'll take the record-keeping to that level, but we will make a list of the outgoing stuff. I'll post an update later.

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drvono said...

I think we're on the same page. Our theme for 2009 is "Less." Own less. Consume less. Eat less. Drink less. Less, less, less.