My New Shaving Technique is Unstoppable

Guys, I totally ditched my electric razor, and I'm using a double-edged blade every day. It was rough going sometimes at first. Cuts were a regular occurrence. But since then I have learned some tricks that helped me immensely. Maybe they will be helpful to you, too, if you're in the same boat.

Here's the new prep technique: I used to shave after my shower, until I got a hot tip that it's better to do it before. Start by whipping up your lather and apply a preliminary layer to your face and neck. You're going to massage this into your skin for a couple of minutes. Next, heat up a towel or clean washcloth and hold it against your skin. Let the steam warm up your face and open up your pores. Now wash off the remaining lather and do your shave as normal.

Did you try it? Awesome, right? Well, it worked for me. I'm sure that the experience I have accrued from daily practice has also helped with the reduction of serious injuries. In any case, the ritual is much more enjoyable now.


mantic59 said...

Excellent prep. Thanks for the plug for my videos, too. :)

evil dad said...

Thank you for the videos! They were extremely helpful in getting me started.