I Like to Score

Baguettes Taste-Off, originally uploaded by ComeUndone

Bread baking is the new baby making. In 2009, I am going to focus my attention on creating tasty biscuits, instead of sticking another bun in the oven. Kneading dough, not knocking boots. Shaping a batard instead of shaking my babymaker.

Scoring the loaf is my second-favorite part of the process (next to eating, of course). Double-edged razor blades aren't just for shaving any more! You can even make a poor man's lame by wedging a stir stick in the centre of the blade.

I have made bread the past two weekends (baguettes and cheese bread) and I might keep baking a loaf or two every week. I can never eat enough bread, plus it's fun and cheap. Making babies is also fun, but the end result is not cheap and is certainly time-consuming. Speaking of consuming, I think it's time for a snack...

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The Goodfellas said...

i have been making homemade pitas! and next up ... naan! (i like to imagine it's the afghani version rather than the indian one but who knows)