Galactus, devourer of lunch

image from Lunch Bag Art

Geekdad posted these illustrated lunch bags. Made by a dad (and, yes, geek, based on the subject matter) for his kids, during his own lunch breaks. What a guy. And how cool to have kids who share your interest in characters like Lupin III or Godzilla!

Looking through the history on Lunch Bag Art, it looks like he has stepped up his game as the site became more popular. Some of the older bags look like something I could draw in a few minutes, while the more recent masterpieces (like this one) look like they belong on canvas, not brown paper bags.


Lunch Bag Art Dude said...

Thanks for the kind words. And you're right; I've stepped up since starting this. Practice helps. So does the harsh criticism from my children.

I like your page; thanks for the link :)

evil dad said...

Thanks, Lunch Bag Art Dude! Keep up the great work, it's inspiring.