Daddy Drinks: Fuzzy Navel

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When I was a kid, my dad tricked me by offering a sip of his non-alcoholic beer. It gave me a bad first impression of alcohol.  Shame on you, dad, that was a mean trick. I didn't have a proper adult beverage until that fateful day at an "Italian" restaurant in Hirakata City, Japan. Here's the one that started it all, my very first alcoholic drink, a Fuzzy Navel.

The classic recipe includes peach schnapps and orange juice in approximately equal proportions, poured over ice. More juice can be added to taste. As with any cocktail, there are numerous variations. I couldn't even find two recipes alike for the basic drink, during my three minutes of intensive Google research.

As I was drafting this post, I realized that my first Fuzzy Navel was also the only time I had this drink.  So I mixed myself another one.  It was good!  Do you remember your first drink?


Jhenn said...

Capricosa! Where I also got very sick if I ate too fast.

Andy! I had a dream I saw you and your family at this giant pool and you had grown a big, bushy moustache. Please make this a reality ASAP.

drvono said...

My first drink, ignoring communion wine, was a Mike's Hard Lemonade.