Life is a Rollercoaster

Tomorrow is both Father's Day and Natalie's birthday, making it nine years to the day since I became a dad. That's a long time! The crazier thing is that nine years from now she will be turning eighteen and might be packing up to leave for college in the fall.

So we're about halfway done with this one. Besides that she'll be ten next year (double digits!), a teenager in four, able to drive a car in seven. And Paisley's only four and a half years behind. I can't help but think of their childhoods as just rushing by while I do my best to hold on.

Speaking of which--segue!--we're going to Valleyfair tomorrow to celebrate. Jenna and the kids have season passes so they can entertain themselves while I'm working summer weekends. I actually have the day off after working, technically, 18 days in a row. Time to see if I can still hang with the rollercoaster crowd or if I'm ready to retire to the Ferris wheel.

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Jenna said...

*Paisley is 3 years, 3 months behind Natalie :)