Eat All The Things

I reviewed my 2015 Food Wishlist and realized there are favorite foods on it that I still haven't eaten over the past two years! I did consume:
  1. Affogato (Some place in Door County, WI) 
  2. Cronut (Angel Food Bakery) 
  3. Takoyaki (Zen Box) 
  4. Fish & Chips (a few times, still haven't been to Anchor tho) 
  5. Morels (the forest, plus some Chanterelles too!) 
  6. Genever (got a bottle at home) 
  7. Caipirinha (Fogo de Chão) 
They were all delicious but half my list remains untasted. To live my best life I need to find a way to eat/drink crepes, udon, okonomiyaki, korokke, and Absinthe. A good Japanese restaurant could knock out at least three of the five. Itadakimasu!

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