North Dakota Wedding

Next week is my brother's wedding in Montana, so I'm posting catch-up photos from my other brother's wedding in North Dakota. We realized afterward that we took barely any pictures. Here's me outside the bed & breakfast where we stayed: "House of FUN!"

We drew pictures based on descriptions given on this flip-up pad. Whenever someone drew a picture the bride and groom had to kiss. Natalie was enamored with the "princess," her new aunt Anne. At the end I got up on the dance floor and twirled around with Natalie and Paisley.

Grandpa with his little girl. We drove out on this trip, about 10 hours each way, which was enough to convince us to fly when we go to Montana. Natalie is very excited to see the mountains, and her Uncle Jim!

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Mary K. said...

Love these pictures! One down and one to go! It was so fun to see Natalie dancing with you at Kevin & Anne's. Maybe it will happen again in Billings.