Chocolate Ice Cream Day

According to our Parents Magazine, today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! When I looked it up online, everyone else says it's tomorrow, though. I will pretend to be ahead of the game. To celebrate I made three flavors of frozen chocolate treats (from left to right):
  1. Cat & Girl Chili-Choc
  2. Cocoa Sorbet
  3. Dark Choco-Mint Ice Cream (fresh out of the churn)
The first one is a comic strip and a recipe, check it out! The other two are from a book. The dried chili pepper gives off just the slightest hint of heat lingering on your tongue. Next time I'd use even more peppers to crank up the intensity.

The sorbet came out as thick as frosting, practically a frozen fudge. Tastes good--it's Natalie's favorite--but best enjoyed in moderation. I melted down mint chocolate chips for the final entry in the lineup. I have not decided which one I like the best. More tastings are required.

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Mary K. said...

I am asking you to Pretty Please let me come and taste these yummy looking (and enticingly described) chocolate ice creams. Really! I can be there on either Thursday or Friday.