Door County Wedding

Packed the family into the Vue and drove to beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, for our third wedding of the year. The trip out was not too bad. The drive home--well, let's just forget that ever happened and agree to focus on the positive parts of this vacation.

The wedding was outside and it was a hot day. I ditched my coat immediately after the ceremony. There were a lot of children in attendance and our girls had a great time running around. Paisley wiggled her toes in the sand on the beach and I dipped her feet in the waters of Green Bay. Natalie had some trouble though: during dinner she slipped backwards through a folding chair, and later she flew off a swing and landed in a heap on the ground.

The swing incident was already past her bedtime and later during the reception she passed out in my arms. But first, little shawty fire burning on the dance floor! She and I were the first ones dancing when the music started. Paisley was the life of the party while Natalie slept.

The adults had a good time too. We hung out with some friends we don't see very often (the side trip to Appleton was the one good thing about our return trip--well, that and stockpiling wine at the liquor store). I wish our friends would get married more often!


Anonymous said...

side trip to appleton?! hello, i live there! glad you had fun anyways ;)

Andy Krueger said...

I don't know where you live anymore, dude! Email me sometime. I think I found you on Facebook?

Mary K. said...

another great family photo with gorgeous lake for background! Love Jenna's fancy hair and flowers too.