Twins with Natalie

 I mentioned before that our company held an event on the Budweiser Deck earlier this year, and our whole family was there. So this was not, technically, Natalie's first Twins game. But this time we went just the two of us and sat in regular seats and ate ice cream out of tiny helmets.

 Natalie was in a good mood for the first four and a half innings, until the ice cream, popcorn and water ran out. Then she was ready to go home. Also by then it was after 9:00--way past her bedtime. The score was 0-0 when we left Target Field (the Twins ultimately lost 0-1).

More than anything, she was excited to ride the train. We parked on Lake St. and rode the light rail downtown. Next time I could save a lot of money by just buying a light rail pass and taking a round trip without getting off. She would have enjoyed that just as much!

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