Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm a 20-something-year-old husband. My hobbies include watching horror movies, playing video games, drinking booze, and getting tattoos. I like bicycles, motorcycles, and muscle cars. I work full time at a start-up, volunteer at a non-profit, and run a small business on the side. And I just found out that my wife of three years is pregnant.


I'm starting a new journal for this new adventure. Yes, it's another "dad blog." I need an outlet to record my journey during these strange times, to seek counsel from those who've gone before me, and to commiserate with other rookie dads.

My whole world is about to change. I can hardly wait.


cry it out! said...

strange times indeed, man-- but you'll love it. Good luck with the pregnancy!


Evil Dad said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike! I am amazed that someone has found this blog already.