Yoga, originally uploaded by Barbara Jambwisch

I mixed a few advanced yoga moves in with my usual "beginner's" practice this morning. Some new muscles got a workout. My back hurt so good, and the soreness worked itself out while I went about my daily business. That's the perfect amount of hurt.

My family is trying to get more active. Some nights we strap the baby into the stroller and walk around the neighborhood, other nights we sit on our butts. I would prefer if there was a higher strolling-to-loafing ratio. Right now we skew towards sedentary.

I would like to do some strength training except that workouts are so boring. Visiting my parents is great because I usually do some physical labor while we are there. I hate push-ups, but I'll gladly chop down trees, dig up roots, and haul branches. I need to get my own place in the country. Or a side hustle as a lumberjack.

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