That's a wrap: Craftstravaganza 2013

We had a good day at the Craftstravaganza. A nice lady bought my Pokemon triptych while I was buying Natalie a bun for lunch from People's Organic. And one of our vendors traded me a couple of his posters for the Pikachu portrait, to give to his daughter. So Natalie's not the only little girl obsessed with pocket monsters!

Jenna vetoed the purchase of a John Baizley print by Burlesque of North America, but I commissioned a painting from Taylor Lindgren. I bought some Mother's Day gifts too, of course. My favorite acquisition is a cigar box guitar from Soup Hunter.

I'd talked myself out of buying one, but Jenna convinced me, and I'm glad she did. I had a secondhand bass in college but quickly gave up learning to play and sold it back. Then years ago I bought a couple of cigar boxes from the local stogie shop to make my own guitar and also abandoned that project. So now I finally have one, and I swear this time I'm gonna learn to play!

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