Days of Eating Earth

The kids and I found a nice supply of Shaggy Mane mushrooms during a walk in the woods by our house. Natalie is becoming an expert mushroom spotter. Also she enjoys picking wildflowers on the side of the trail.

This was my first time finding edible wild mushrooms. After the rains last week I foraged a bag full of beautiful, fat, white buttons. They taste really good fried up with onions. I can't get anyone else to try them yet. Oh well, more for me!

Mix with tater tots, scrambled eggs and cheese to make a midwest breakfast scramble (I ate this for dinner). Be careful eating wild mushrooms, though. I did lots of research and tasted a tiny bit before going back the next day for more.

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marysuek said...

You're braver than I am! I figured you would do your homework on ID-ing edible vs. poisonous mushrooms, whew!
Good for Natalie, too, in being a mushroom hunter.