2013 Craft'za

The Craft'za this weekend was amazing. My week started early, filming with Fox 9 morning news on Wednesday, then live early morning spots on Friday with WCCO, and again on the morning of the show! This surely helped spread the word and the building was packed with shoppers all day.

I feel a little guilty that I didn't buy anything for myself except food. But we did buy tons of stuff for our families and finished all of our Christmas shopping! And the food was great: Gastrotruck turkey biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Messy Giuseppe sandwich for lunch, and a Natedog at the end of the day.

One regret: I meant to check out the hidden Bigfoot paintings but by the time I came around they were all gone! I oughta know better; they were even on TV. Celebrity shopper sightings included intrepid reporter MA Rosko (also on the hunt for Bigfoot) and Vincent Stall. And of course I always adore hanging out with our lovely vendors who are all super-stars in my book.

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