Frozen: Natalie's First Theater Movie

After recording the podcast--while she waited oh so patiently--I took Natalie to see Frozen at AMC Southdale. She had never watched a movie at the theater before, and I hardly ever do anymore, so we were both very excited! Long story short it's a great movie and she had a great time.

We had some time to kill before the previews started so we walked around the mall a bit. Natalie was completely uninterested in the mall Santa, much to my relief. But we did have a chance encounter with a magical elf! In the second incredible coincidence of the day, we ran into my brother and his wife at the Games by James.

Frozen was delightful to the extent that it subverted expectations about what should happen in a Disney princess movie. And of course, since the plot is about two sisters, it hit me right in the dad feels. I'll admit it: I cried. Thanks, Disney.

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