The Night of Five Times

We're trying to kick-start labor on our own--spicy foods, long walks, et cetera--but nothing is working. After last night, I think we have exhausted the available options. At least we can say that we gave it our best effort.


Jhenn said...

what about guilt tripping the baby?
"If you don't come out now, you won't get any toys"
Or, reverse psychology?
"Fine, don't come out, we don't want to you see you anyways. We'll just give all these toys away!"

evil dad said...

We haven't tried that yet!

Noria said...

Children never come when you want them to. Try ignoring her and or trying to get some work done and then she'll be all over you! Let us know! We'll be wanting to see some pictures!

E. McPan said...

Well...maybe they were two weeks off in guesstimating her due date. I like the idea of guilt-tripping the baby, though.

ponte said...

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