F.M. baby, originally uploaded by ambroziak

I won't post photos of our baby on this blog (so, no, the photo above is not her either). I'm protecting her identity to avoid a situation like what happened with Sweet Juniper, among other reasons. To that end, for the purpose of this blog, I'm also giving our daughter a fake name.

However, too many bloggers already use "clever" pseudonyms that are too cute by half; I hate reading those blogs and I won't subject you to it either. So both for your sake and mine, I decided to use an actual name--like, one that a human would use for herself--even though it's not the one on her birth certificate.

And so, in keeping with the theme of this blog, I give you: Ashley J. Williams.


E. McPan said...

I used to use a "real person" name online in the olden days. This strategy actually worked so well that some people actually forgot my real name and called me by my fake real name. I was selling some BarBri books to another student and he had to email me and ask what my name was because he was about to write the check and couldn't remember my real name. So...good strategery! (unless she grows up thinking that's really her name)

The Goodfellas said...
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drvono said...

Ashley has such a cute moustache!!

The Goodfellas said...

oh oh oh, i get it. nevermind. will pictures be on the pink mushroom do you think?