Nickle Dickle Day

Downtown Waconia Minnesota, originally uploaded by FlappinMothra (busy unpacking)

Every year Jenna's hometown Waconia holds their "Nickle Dickle Day" celebration. It is a family tradition. We started off at the book sale where I filled a grocery bag full of books for $5. I think I got some good ones in there too. I just grabbed anything that looked interesting; I haven't emptied out the bag yet.

Some of our vendors sell stuff at the Urban Market and this was our first chance to visit. We stopped in and met the owner, Rebekah. They had some cute Japanese stickers which I bought for my 3-year-old niece.

There is an outdoor craft market in the park and car show. We looked at all four motorcycles in the motorcycle show too. My father-in-law got second place for his restored Honda Scrambler. Wooooo!

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