DJ Lance Rock, originally uploaded by techmeister

DJ Lance Rock and Brobee came to town on Saturday morning so I took the family to see them. We missed all but the end of the performance but we did run into some people we knew. We ate mini donuts and Natalie got a pinwheel, which she enjoyed pulling apart.

On Sunday Jenna slept in and Natalie came with me to the Minneapolis farmer's market. She petted a dachshund. I bought a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread from a guy wearing a Profane Existence patch (the bread is delicious).

Natalie started bobbing her head when we walked past the street guitar player. We stopped on the way out and he sang a jazzy rendition of the ABCs for her. For the next song he gave her a shaker and a bell so she could play along in her first collaboration. She was enthralled. I gave him a dollar.

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