White Christmas

Back from Berlin, originally uploaded by ElseKramer

We had a truly white Christmas this year, with around a foot of snow falling over the course of a few days. We drove up to Jenna's parents' house a day early and on Christmas Eve my car was buried in their driveway. We stayed with them through Christmas morning.

My extended family met the next day and after that we drove up to visit my parents and brothers. Natalie was a trooper through all this but afterwards she was a wreck. Finally we got back on schedule around New Year's Eve, just in time for us all to get colds!

But really I am thankful for a good holiday season. Jenna gave me some real maple syrup which I love so much, and I ate lots of cookies. We also had a boxing day on January 1 and packed up lots of junk to get out of our house.

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