2009 in review

Musk Ox of Alaska - Explored, originally uploaded by drurydrama (Len Radin)
2009 was our first full year with a baby. Natalie went from barely scooting at the start of the year to full-on toddling and grew a complete mouth of teeth (she's cutting her two-year molars right now). We got her to sleep in her crib, which was a welcome change from holding her throughout nap times. She has always loved to move around and now yells out "dats!" while holding up her fist, a signal for me to lift her up and swirl her around the room.
2009 Thing Challenge: We easily removed 2009 things from our home last year, although we stopped tracking every item about halfway through. We plan to continue the purging; in fact, we've already begun for this year! Would anyone like to buy a motorcycle?
I started a lot of new hobbies and routines with great fanfare, then dropped them quietly. What stuck: giving up coffee (it makes a big difference in my energy levels!). We grew lots of food and baked and cooked a lot of things. I did projects: designed a poster, built a compost bin, and gave a Pecha Kucha presentation. We tried to sell our house and got two offers, neither of which worked out, so we pulled it off the market.
2009 was a good year for our family. My wife and I still have our jobs and my company at least is doing well. We hosted our fourth annual craft fair with a fifth coming up, and started planning two new events for 2010. I hope the new year will bring many fun surprises and exciting adventures for us and for your family too!


Len said...

Good luck to Natalie and your entire family in 2010. From your blog photographer, Len Radin - Drurydrama

Andy Krueger said...

Thanks for the gorgeous photo!