I made this poster for our upcoming craft show in St. Paul. My wife did the background and layout. She also created our logo which we have used for the past three years. I did the illustration and color.

There are things I would change but the nice thing about a deadline is that it forces you to finish. I hope it makes sense what it is. See, this girl has taken her hot rod and bolted a sewing machine on where the blower would go. The blow torch is just for fun.

We print these up as gig posters and hang them all around town. You might see one if you're around the Twin Cities in the next few weeks. If you're here on May 2, you should totally come to the fair!


The Goodfellas said...

holy mackerel, it's awesome!!!!!! no explanation was needed either, come now, it is clear as day :) wow!!

mike said...

dude...I'm stoked!

The poster is awesome. Nice work.

evil dad said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it.

drvono said...

Dude!!! It looks amazing! You did such a great job.