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My wife and I are in full-on panic mode preparing for the Craftstravaganza, which is a week from today. We run this craft fair in our spare time. Suddenly, there's no time to spare, and a thousand things to do. So here's a grab-bag post today.

The personal tweeting wasn't going so well and I gave it up. We set up a new Twitter feed for our craft show and I link to that one on the sidebar now. It will be about local arts events and handmade stuff. This blog will still sometimes be about babies.

Speaking of arts & crafts, the St. Paul Art Crawl is this weekend. It's fun times! We're going today. You might even see some tweets about it over there.

Ashley cut her molars and she takes great joy in biting anything she can wrap her little jaws around. That includes mommy (who is still breast feeding) but daddy's arm and the dog are also fair game. She's basically crawling now and has entered the destructive phase of babyhood. Look out world, here she comes.

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Good luck! I am 2 weeks away from my breakout show!