Things I learned from the fast

2008.04.11 :: bento diary :: day 2, originally uploaded by vingt_deux

Easter happened, so Lent is over and so is my fast. I wasn't very good at it! Here's what I learned:

  1. Milk is in everything. When I started reading the ingredients of my boxed and processed foods, nearly everything contained milk. Even food you wouldn't think contains milk. My normal diet is packed with milk and dairy byproducts. Ergo:
  2. Veganism is hard. I kept it up for about three days. It turns out that beyond meat, I have trouble giving up delicious food. Kudos to you, vegans, you are better than me.
  3. I'm not an alcoholic. Good news mom! I can't go a week without cheese, but I skipped liquor for 40 days (except Sundays when I had one beer each in the great tradition of feast days). The rest of the time, I barely noticed that I wasn't drinking.

So my fast didn't go the way I planned, it was a journey in self-discovery anyway.

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