Playing catch-up

I've been so wrapped up in MIX planning that I've been lax in other areas of life, like being a good husband and father, but most importantly blogging. Here are some highlights from the past few months that I want to remember forever and ever:
  • Wall up: Jerry and our neighbor Dwight came over with a backhoe this weekend and reassembled our rock wall that had collapsed in the storm. It looks much better now especially since they put the biggest rocks on the bottom this time, which, I'm no expert but I think will work out better in the long run.
  • Trips to the lake: we drove out to Alexandria for every 3-day holiday weekend this summer. Last weekend (Labor Day) we ate special mix-your-own-flavor ice cream, played at a water park, and visited a nautical museum. Water fun photos below!
  • Dog problems: Lola had a days-long bout of diarrhea that left puddles of poop all over our house and prompted a visit to the vet. They were concerned that she may have Addison's disease, but further testing ruled that out. She's been on special food for a week now and doing much better.
  • Garden neglected: I fell out of love with our little vegetable plot when I started my chicken phase, as is my wont. Luckily Jenna picks up the pieces when I start dropping balls and that's why she's the apple of my eye, the Jeeves to my Wooster, and the mixer of my metaphors. So we still got some food out of it, is what I'm trying to say.
  • Adam and Miranda Lu, friends who we have not seen practically since college seven years ago, made a surprise visit to our house! They cooked us dinner and it was awesome. Next we get to visit their new place in Rochester, which would be a beautiful drive in the fall.

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