A chronological history of our houses

Plymouth Oaks, Plymouth
I moved to an apartment unit at Plymouth Oaks in 2004. Jenna joined me when we were married a few months later. We adopted Lola while we lived there too, so this first home was shared by all three of us. We escaped just in time: after we moved out, it was on the news several times for large, destructive fires.

Dayton's Bluff neighborhood, St. Paul
In 2005 we rented the ground floor of this Victorian home in St. Paul's east side. Living near the city was convenient but the neighborhood was, frankly, pretty sketchy. A dude tried to knock me off my bicycle two blocks away from here. But we mostly had the place to ourselves, and the empty lot next door for Lola to run around in. So overall, a step up from the suburban firetrap apartment.

Cathedral Hill neighborhood, St. Paul
The next year we signed a mortgage on a house in the opposite side of town. It was a nice little place on a busy corner in a decent-enough area. And it was Natalie's first home, so (even though she won't remember) it will always have a special place in our hearts. But, after a couple of years of living here, I was ready to throw in the towel and admit that I'd had enough of city life.

Krueger Historic Farmhouse, Carver
Which brings us up to the present. Last year we moved to our little slice of land in the country and not once have I regretted or second-guessed that decision. We are happy here. And if this is the last entry in the list, I will be satisfied.


rolli said...

The history of a young family! It's crazy how much we all move. I'm so happy to hear you have a happy little home on earth.

Andy Krueger said...

Thank you! And thanks for sneakily letting me know about your new blog :)