Born to run

It's been three weeks now since I began training seriously, and a little longer since deciding to run a half-marathon in the first place. So far it's going awesome! Every week I run a few more minutes than the last, and I'm feeling great; physically strong and mentally focused.

I don't tend to think of myself as an athlete. Then again I spent four months in Japan walking everywhere, and I did ride my bike to work one year with a 25 mile round-trip commute, so the potential is certainly there. Besides, both my brothers did track and field in high school, and my dad used to run 5- and 10Ks all the time. So you could say that running is in my blood.

I started a new page dedicated to running stuff. For the morbidly curious, I detail my exercise regimen, upcoming races, and some books I've been reading. That should help keep the main blog from becoming totally running-centric.

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