From i to R

If I were superstitious or fatalistic I'd say that after my last post praising the glories of downtown Minneapolis, it was inevitable that something bad would happen to restore the balance. Turns out everything was waiting for me--including a bold thief who stole my iPad from my 10th floor cubicle while there were people working in the office, and I was downstairs getting a haircut.

I was sad. But it felt wrong to dwell on my loss. It's just an iPad after all--it's not like someone died. And I really did love that iPad, but my life revolved around it to perhaps an unhealthy extent. Maybe it's for the best.

Anyway forget that old thing because a week after the robbery I got a new toy! The Roland R-05 portable audio recorder is my new digital friend, and it is going to help me make podcasts. More to follow!

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