Where all the lights are bright

Even though I'm pleased as punch about my new job, one thing I was not excited about--at least at first--was working in downtown Minneapolis. It's just so far. Turns out, I've been having a lot of fun!

I park in Chaska and ride the Southwest Metro Transit express bus. These buses have wifi, comfy seats, even overhead compartments. I can nap. I can check emails. I can even read a book! It's half an hour to do whatever I want, which is an almost unimaginable luxury.

Before lunch I take a short walk around the skyways. It's fun to explore and it smells great. I realized during one of these walks that a lot of things I loved about living in Japan weren't magical and unique (although some of them were); they were just standard features of a vibrant, active city. I can't do anything about the commute time, but working downtown is now one of my favorite perks.

Everything's waiting for you

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