It was good! I guess I forgot to blog about it until now? But I did document it on Instagram, including some of the times when I was on TV (three days this year!) and even made a few Vines. Of course I live-tweeted too. Social media is fun! We also remembered to spend money and got some cool toys.

My first event that someone else paid me to manage! GrillFest was fun, and stressful, and extremely educational. Somehow I also managed to go the entire weekend without eating a burger. I remedied that with my brunch on Monday and it was the perfect way to cap off the weekend.

Luxury Home Tour
We're in the second week of this three-weekend show now. I've never even been on a home tour before now, so so running this one was another great learning experience. I expected that visiting these million-dollar-plus homes would make me feel bad about myself, but not one has a master bedroom the size of ours!

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